On the web: MSF Ebola webinar

Happening now! Looks to be pretty interesting and might help to answer some questions you might have. Join in.  http://www.msf.ca/en/live-webcast-stopping-ebola-msf%E2%80%99s-experience-front-lines-historic-epidemic   Update: Some great insights into the effort to control this outbreak, but still a distinct lack of calls to action, metrics, strategies, etc., as mentioned in my previous post. At least the World Bank has … Continue reading On the web: MSF Ebola webinar

Back to the drawing board: making a new plan

So, I've been home for just over a month. And it already feels like a lifetime. Day in and day out, in Port Alberni. Cooking, cleaning, and bookkeeping for my dad. Not exactly keeping in pace with the chaos and vibrance of W. Africa life. A very hilly walk to the grocery store a few times … Continue reading Back to the drawing board: making a new plan

Flying Royal Air Maroc: Ouaga to Casa

I'm on the plane; I want to write, but the app's not working. So I'll write a note and transfer it later. Airplanes have a definite way of signalling the end of one thing and the beginning of another; or at least, one place, and another. And for now, while I'm not yet leaving Africa, … Continue reading Flying Royal Air Maroc: Ouaga to Casa

On the mat: yoga on the road

Oh god, I miss the studio. I even miss myyogaonline. Something, anything, with a teacher. For variety, challenge, growth. Don't get me wrong, I've embraced the "home" (aka hotel) practice, ever since I got the trailer, and spent so many months in Calgary, without my Semperviva. I adapted, let go of the classes (though still … Continue reading On the mat: yoga on the road

Backpacker turned Hairstylist: Cutting my own hair while travelling

Up until a month or two ago, I was totally rocking a sweet messy/hippy/beachy traveller hair style. But now, the 7 months since my last hair cut have caught up with me, and with all the added sun, sweat, heat, and humidity, I am definitely suffering from the “unruly mop” syndrome described here. The natural volume mentioned is 100% a part of my reality, but it’s in all the wrong ways. So I am starting to seriously consider inflicting my unqualified self upon my locks (read: nest), and am looking for some guidance!

I love this post for the hilarious (and totally resonant), shameless honesty (though I totally resent how good she still looks), but I need more than just a bang trim. I need a serious overhaul, and have no idea where to start. If anybody out there has some experience and suggestions, send them my way!!

much love xo

Hostels and Hot Rollers

After 3.5 months, I came to the point where I could no longer stand the greasy strands, sandy scalp and all around unruly mop I have been sporting on top of my head.

A couple of weeks ago it all came to a head (get it..a head…no pun intended…actually no that is a lie…I thought of that pun way before I even started writing this post)

Anyways, we were back staying in Villas Macondo in Tamarindo, and I knew they had a hair dryer. This meant, for the first time, in a long time, I could check out the status of my bangs and give them a trim.

Now why on earth would I need to trim my bangs when they haven’t seen the light of day for months AND will likely not be seen again for the remainder of the trip?

389585_10151729260228538_2083539611_n See what I’m sayin!

Sanity, pure sanity. As…

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In a tent: Auberge Bab Sahara

I really don't know what my standards are anymore. Some places I can hardly sleep, I'm so obsessed with the lack of cleanliness. But then I arrived at a campsite in Atar, and instantly loved it. It's pretty cool, there seems to be a lot of these "campsites" around, where you can stay in a nomad-style … Continue reading In a tent: Auberge Bab Sahara

In the loo: the art of squat toilets

This is not a how-to, rather a self-congratulatory pat on the back. Any good yogi will tell you that all bodies are different, so there's no way I can offer guidance on the personal acrobatics that sometimes must be performed for this feat. But I do feel like I've finally graduated into the pro realm. … Continue reading In the loo: the art of squat toilets