On the go: Mophie battery packs

Wow. I always dismissed those phone cases with battery packs built in as far too bulky to be worth while. The convenience wasn’t enough to override the hassle of having to lug around such a gigantic device.

But I don’t know how this little beauty totally slipped my radar. Someone I met recently has a Morphie portable battery for his phones while in field, and it rocked my world.

It’s the same idea, but a separate entity from the phone itself. A portable charging station, which in itself can charge your an iphone multiple times on a single charge. Super light and easy to conceal, if need be.


Oh, the hours I have spent, on long trips across these countries, rationing my usage for the likelihood that I’m gonna need a map when I get wherever I’m going. So needlessly.

And only $80? I’m sold.