Detouring into Mali: Kayes and Bamako

Ups and downs. Wins and fails. Blacks.. and whites. Today someone stole 5000cfa from me. With an equivalent value of approximately $10 Canadian, this is at the same time both very little, and also quite a lot of money. But for me, mostly, it's representative, and stirs up all kinds of debates in my head … Continue reading Detouring into Mali: Kayes and Bamako

On the Geba River: Bissau to Bubaque and Bolama

So I came to Bissau with the intention of taking the ferry to the island of Bubaque, which is part of the Arquipélagos dos Bijahós. From there, I'd maybe check out some other islands, if transportation was available. There are some salt-water dwelling hippos out there somewhere, which is obviously cool and worth seeing. Happily … Continue reading On the Geba River: Bissau to Bubaque and Bolama

Back in Senegal: casamance region

Not too much to report here, other than the occasional clash with the French language. C'est la vie! Yet another sweet ride to cross the border! After being on-the-go for the last month, I decided that I've bought myself enough time, and that now I can afford to take it easy for a few days … Continue reading Back in Senegal: casamance region