Accessing accounts: LinkedIn vs. Outlook

Recently, I was locked out completely from my Outlook email address. After several unsuccessful attempts with the automated system, I was deemed an unsuitable individual to be accessing the account, and it was closed for good. Following this, I appealed to the "contact us" gods, and was returned again and again to the same old … Continue reading Accessing accounts: LinkedIn vs. Outlook

On the floor: my hammam experience

Sorry boys, this post is for the ladies. The public bath. I love it. It took me until about 2 weeks ago to work up the courage to go for my first one, but now I'm hooked. And it's a shame, because I just left. Traditionally, it's a weekly thing, but I've been about every … Continue reading On the floor: my hammam experience

In the street: my two golden rules.

Okay, one thing I can start with are the two rules I live by these days. The backstory: my first night in Morocco involved a hugely overpriced taxi ride, an extremely persistant tout, and a good, yet also terribly overpriced meal. Welcome to Tangier. The next day, I tried to put my game face on, … Continue reading In the street: my two golden rules.

About the author

Hi, I'm Megan, and I'm a recovering workaholic. After putting myself through school - including a crazy year of a three-hour commute (each way) - I landed myself in the world of marketing... with a trailer. In the trailer, on the trailer, under the trailer, and driving it across the Rocky Mountains of Western Canada; that thing was … Continue reading About the author