Detouring into Mali: Kayes and Bamako

Ups and downs. Wins and fails. Blacks.. and whites. Today someone stole 5000cfa from me. With an equivalent value of approximately $10 Canadian, this is at the same time both very little, and also quite a lot of money. But for me, mostly, it's representative, and stirs up all kinds of debates in my head … Continue reading Detouring into Mali: Kayes and Bamako

At the transport hub: Tambacounda

Ok, we all know I'm a bit.. different. But this just reaffirmed that for me. Tamba is a place no one writes about. In the guidebook, it's "all about dust, sizzling temperatures, and lines of traffic heading in all directions." And yes, it is those things (at least 40 degrees yesterday!). On the forums, it's … Continue reading At the transport hub: Tambacounda