With Common Sense: Dan Carlin on Ebola

So I'm a really big fan of Dan Carlin's podcast "Common Sense." He provides intellectual and critical assessments of current events, which I find very intriguing and informative. He discusses topics that I often know nothing about, but presents information in a real way in which I don't feel lost or manipulated. I was a bit late on … Continue reading With Common Sense: Dan Carlin on Ebola

On the web: MSF Ebola webinar

Happening now! Looks to be pretty interesting and might help to answer some questions you might have. Join in.  http://www.msf.ca/en/live-webcast-stopping-ebola-msf%E2%80%99s-experience-front-lines-historic-epidemic   Update: Some great insights into the effort to control this outbreak, but still a distinct lack of calls to action, metrics, strategies, etc., as mentioned in my previous post. At least the World Bank has … Continue reading On the web: MSF Ebola webinar

From the comfort of home: still thinking of Ebola

This is not a civil war. This is not a complicated, religious/tribal/ethnic, heavily-skewed-in-the-media kind of problem. It does not stem back several decades. There is no unrest; no clashing forces. This is not an incomprehensible kind of problem; the kind we normally avoid with ease, due to too many factors obstructing our ability to understand. This is the kind of problem that, in the West, gets immediate and exaggerated attention. There are protocols, education campaigns, and safety precautions (think: SARS, or the ongoing debate about vaccinations in Canada). On an international level.

On the bus: thinking about Ebola, again.

So I crossed the border the other day from Mali info Burkina. It's a very simple border, quick and easy, no hassle. Except that right now, I think I would like a bit more hassle. I'd like to see the west African countries and international health organizations doing a lot more to contain the spread … Continue reading On the bus: thinking about Ebola, again.

Bloody Hell! Ebola.

Oh dear. Please, Ebola, don’t come to Mali! And please, friends in the region, be informed and help educate others about best practices, so we can help stop the spread of this monster!

six degrees north

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). Formerly known as Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (EHF). Currently enjoying its worst season ever (for people, not the virus) in West Africa, with over 800 infections and over 500 deaths in 100 days since March 23.

800 infections in 100 days doesn’t sound like much and I’m no epidemiologist. But surely the measure of control of an outbreak is the rates of new infections? Below is a graph based on the WHO Global Alert and Response (GAR) data. The simplest grasp of the graph shows that at this time, the virus is winning. And starting to win exponentially! Case in point – in the last 2 days, the total number of fatalities has risen by more than 10%. 31% of all deaths have occurred in the last two week. The outbreak was centered on Guinea, in a district immediately bordering Sierra Leone and Liberia. The…

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