Back in Senegal: casamance region

Not too much to report here, other than the occasional clash with the French language. C'est la vie! Yet another sweet ride to cross the border! After being on-the-go for the last month, I decided that I've bought myself enough time, and that now I can afford to take it easy for a few days … Continue reading Back in Senegal: casamance region

At the transport hub: Tambacounda

Ok, we all know I'm a bit.. different. But this just reaffirmed that for me. Tamba is a place no one writes about. In the guidebook, it's "all about dust, sizzling temperatures, and lines of traffic heading in all directions." And yes, it is those things (at least 40 degrees yesterday!). On the forums, it's … Continue reading At the transport hub: Tambacounda

In a sept-place: St. Louis and Dakar

Transportation in Senegal is largely dominated by a thing called the sept-place, which is an old Peugeot station wagon, seating 7 people. This is a significant step up from the grande taxis of Morocco, where you cram 6 passengers into a regular sized sedan (though strangely enough it's always an off-white Mercedes). At least with … Continue reading In a sept-place: St. Louis and Dakar

In the Sine-Saloum delta: Ndangane

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it: I hate this place. Maybe I'm in the wrong frame of mind, maybe I didn't get enough to eat on the way here, or maybe I didn't sleep enough the night before... who knows. All I know is my time here sucked. Unless you've got the money … Continue reading In the Sine-Saloum delta: Ndangane