Celebratory Christmas Couscous

So, things around here have been fairly quiet. For more than a year, I have struggled to find my path - trying for months to get something, anything, with an international NGO. Then - in desperation - I decided to enroll into a 10-month postgraduate program at Humber College in Toronto. I moved to the … Continue reading Celebratory Christmas Couscous

Back in Morocco: a new perspective

So it's my last full day on the continent; I fly out tomorrow for London. It's been a hell of a trip. "TripĀ of a lifetime," as many people have said, though it never felt like it at the time. While I was in it, it just felt... hard. And it was. It was challenging in … Continue reading Back in Morocco: a new perspective

Flying Royal Air Maroc: Ouaga to Casa

I'm on the plane; I want to write, but the app's not working. So I'll write a note and transfer it later. Airplanes have a definite way of signalling the end of one thing and the beginning of another; or at least, one place, and another. And for now, while I'm not yet leaving Africa, … Continue reading Flying Royal Air Maroc: Ouaga to Casa

photo by: Khonsali (wikicommons)

At the table: Couscous Fridays

Yesterday was a sad day. Not because I was crammed onto a minibus to drive for 8 hours across the desert, still exhausted from the epic border-crossing journey the day before. Not because I was flying solo on the cursed Valentine's day (in fact I had very little reminder of this, despite there being elaborate … Continue reading At the table: Couscous Fridays

On the border: Dakhla to Nouadhibou

Well, I made it. After 12+ hours on the road, I landed in Nouadibhou, Mauritania. For such a place and after such an adventure, I had really hoped to be in touch ASAP, so I was disappointed when my Moroccan SIM no longer worked in Mauri! Come on guys, let me roam! So this post … Continue reading On the border: Dakhla to Nouadhibou

On the floor: my hammam experience

Sorry boys, this post is for the ladies. The public bath. I love it. It took me until about 2 weeks ago to work up the courage to go for my first one, but now I'm hooked. And it's a shame, because I just left. Traditionally, it's a weekly thing, but I've been about every … Continue reading On the floor: my hammam experience

In the street: my two golden rules.

Okay, one thing I can start with are the two rules I live by these days. The backstory: my first night in Morocco involved a hugely overpriced taxi ride, an extremely persistant tout, and a good, yet also terribly overpriced meal. Welcome to Tangier. The next day, I tried to put my game face on, … Continue reading In the street: my two golden rules.

On the web: hello, world!

I'm struggling to compile my thoughts on nearly 11 weeks in Morocco, all into a handful of posts. How to condense such an experience into a few little notes? I'm in Dakhla now, the last stop before crossing the border into Mauritania. I have heard that it's something to be prepared for: more basic than … Continue reading On the web: hello, world!