Returning to Normal: the final Ftour

So, it's now Day 2 of Eid al-fitr, the celebratory days at the end of the fast. I made it. Well, almost. Last time I wrote, it was Day 14, less than halfway, and I was having serious doubts about how much longer I would last. Day 18, I caved. I have a client who's … Continue reading Returning to Normal: the final Ftour

Breaking Fast: Ramadan in Morocco

Day 14. 1:33pm. Already hungry and I've been thirsty since I woke. No headache, though (yet), and I'm not too dizzy, so I'll take it. It's a weird thing, this Ramadan. Everybody talks about it as if it's this beautiful, enjoyable time... until it actually is Ramadan, and then we just talk about our various states of … Continue reading Breaking Fast: Ramadan in Morocco

À la Capitale: my move to Rabat

It's just after 9am, and here is a list of some of the things I've already done this morning: Watched the moon set and the sun rise - somehow I fell asleep at 8:30 last night, so I was up crazy early! Read a handful of articles on the UNHCR's recent work in the Western … Continue reading À la Capitale: my move to Rabat

Back in the Kingdom: Returning to Maroc

So after some mishaps in transportation to the airport, I managed to make it out of France and back to Morocco (oddly, no questions asked about my new passport!) So far, I'm not nearly as anxious as I thought I might have been. Though, I've yet to make the transition to Rabat, where I'll actually be … Continue reading Back in the Kingdom: Returning to Maroc

In the interim: the summer in Morocco

Wow. So yesterday I wrote this whole post about how I was feeling so incredibly lost, and now this morning I woke up and felt so incredibly found. I knew it sounds so cliche, but it really feels like I wasn't the one doing the work; like something just clicked and it had nothing to … Continue reading In the interim: the summer in Morocco

Heading into Paradise: drifting in Morocco

I think it's about time I give an update. My last post was pretty dramatic and emotionally-charged (rightfully so; I was fired after all). I won't go back and re-read it, and I definitely won't open it up to the public, but if you haven't read it, you can know that I didn't exactly find … Continue reading Heading into Paradise: drifting in Morocco

About the Author, V. 2.0

I guess it's about time I update this section. I suppose I still am a recovering workaholic in a sense; I did put in enough hours this summer to count for 2 or more seasons. But, it's easy enough now to put that aside, and the withdrawals aren't too bad. These days, I'm a brand new ESL … Continue reading About the Author, V. 2.0

In school: the first week

Guys, bear with me. My writing is feeling very disjointed this week. My last post was awkward, and I'm struggling with this one too. Maybe it's because I'm not sure how I feel about where I am now, or maybe I'm just rusty because I haven't written in so long. But if you didn't get … Continue reading In school: the first week

On the way: getting to Morocco

I started writing something on the plane, trying to capture all the whirlwind that was landing this job and landing in this country. But I kind of abandoned it and didn't pick it back up when I got reconnected, and now I'm having trouble finding its flow. So I'm offering this: it was mayhem. I … Continue reading On the way: getting to Morocco