On the Geba River: Bissau to Bubaque and Bolama

So I came to Bissau with the intention of taking the ferry to the island of Bubaque, which is part of the Arquipélagos dos Bijahós. From there, I'd maybe check out some other islands, if transportation was available. There are some salt-water dwelling hippos out there somewhere, which is obviously cool and worth seeing. Happily … Continue reading On the Geba River: Bissau to Bubaque and Bolama

At the “Pensao Branco”: Sao Domingos

Crossing the border into Guinea Bissau was easy and straightforward... aside from my sketchy driver. I don't know what his deal was, but he repeated the same series of motions over and over the entire time (touch the top of the steering wheel with the right hand, jiggle the key, wipe the forehead, tug at … Continue reading At the “Pensao Branco”: Sao Domingos