In a wedding: 10 days in Puerto Vallarta

Last week, one of my best friends got married. She was a gorgeous bride and it was a beautiful day. I arrived a day before most of the wedding party, so I stayed downtown at the Oasis Hostel for one night before moving to the Now Amber resort. It was a pretty nice intro! Sunset, … Continue reading In a wedding: 10 days in Puerto Vallarta

Mali gets into the very fiber of your soul, and it is impossible to shake off anything about West Africa once you get the bug gnawing at your heart. Well, that about sums it up. via The Invisible Humanitarian | Canadian Humanitarian NGO & Commercial Fisherman involved In Water & Drip Irrigation Community Development in … Continue reading

In my own backyard: exploring Vancouver Island

I can't say I've been getting out and about too much, as most days I'm stuck at home, far from "town", and without access to a vehicle. But when I first got home, I went out to work with my Dad; a couple weeks ago, I made my way to Victoria; and this week, my … Continue reading In my own backyard: exploring Vancouver Island

On the web: MSF Ebola webinar

Happening now! Looks to be pretty interesting and might help to answer some questions you might have. Join in.  http://www.msf.ca/en/live-webcast-stopping-ebola-msf%E2%80%99s-experience-front-lines-historic-epidemic   Update: Some great insights into the effort to control this outbreak, but still a distinct lack of calls to action, metrics, strategies, etc., as mentioned in my previous post. At least the World Bank has … Continue reading On the web: MSF Ebola webinar

Tracking Ebola: the first case in Mali

A great guy I met in Bamako just informed me that Ebola has now been confirmed in Mali, which shares a big chunk of Guinea's border. It's actually quite surprising that it hasn't hit sooner. But it's exactly the kind of situation that never should have happened, but keeps happening anyway, due to a lack of … Continue reading Tracking Ebola: the first case in Mali

On the radio: 10 months in music

Thanks to my trusty iPhone, I was able to Shazaam my way through North and West Africa, collecting songs I heard along the way, giving myself one of my favourite souvenirs. Some songs are not native to the place (such as many in Morocco and Ghana), but were heard often, or are associated for me with specific people. Listed in chronological order. Additional player on sidebar.

Back to the drawing board: making a new plan

So, I've been home for just over a month. And it already feels like a lifetime. Day in and day out, in Port Alberni. Cooking, cleaning, and bookkeeping for my dad. Not exactly keeping in pace with the chaos and vibrance of W. Africa life. A very hilly walk to the grocery store a few times … Continue reading Back to the drawing board: making a new plan

From the comfort of home: still thinking of Ebola

This is not a civil war. This is not a complicated, religious/tribal/ethnic, heavily-skewed-in-the-media kind of problem. It does not stem back several decades. There is no unrest; no clashing forces. This is not an incomprehensible kind of problem; the kind we normally avoid with ease, due to too many factors obstructing our ability to understand. This is the kind of problem that, in the West, gets immediate and exaggerated attention. There are protocols, education campaigns, and safety precautions (think: SARS, or the ongoing debate about vaccinations in Canada). On an international level.

Back in Morocco: a new perspective

So it's my last full day on the continent; I fly out tomorrow for London. It's been a hell of a trip. "Trip of a lifetime," as many people have said, though it never felt like it at the time. While I was in it, it just felt... hard. And it was. It was challenging in … Continue reading Back in Morocco: a new perspective

Flying Royal Air Maroc: Ouaga to Casa

I'm on the plane; I want to write, but the app's not working. So I'll write a note and transfer it later. Airplanes have a definite way of signalling the end of one thing and the beginning of another; or at least, one place, and another. And for now, while I'm not yet leaving Africa, … Continue reading Flying Royal Air Maroc: Ouaga to Casa