Returning to Normal: the final Ftour

So, it’s now Day 2 of Eid al-fitr, the celebratory days at the end of the fast. I made it.

Well, almost.

Last time I wrote, it was Day 14, less than halfway, and I was having serious doubts about how much longer I would last.

Day 18, I caved. I have a client who’s the Secretary General of a government-affiliated organization here in Morocco, so I have to be on top of my game. And this day, I was nowhere even close to the court. Dizzy, nauseous, and headachey all morning. Lethargic and I knew I wouldn’t be able to give even a half-decent class. So I broke the fast; I had coffee, water, some dates, and nuts. Nothing crazy, but it immediately cleared my head and I felt 100% better. God, I love coffee.

Day 23, caved again. Got fed up with the constant fatigue, being light-headed, and generally feeling like garbage. So instead I enjoyed a lovely, lazy, guilt-free morning brunch. Even more seriously considered not continuing the fast, but somehow gathered the resolve to keep going one more day.

Day 25, two days later; I had class again. And again, I knew that I couldn’t provide the quality of service I’m being paid for if I continued fasting, so again, broke fast and hopped myself up on coffee and soup. Rebel!

Day 26, I thought I was going to fast, and was doing a fine job of it, but a non-fasting friend came over after work and we decided just to eat then (about 6) rather than wait the extra hour and a half for sunset. I don’t know why, but it felt good, so…. Oops!

I really felt that my fasting was going down the tube at this point. Next to no resolve and such little return on the efforts, but somehow I powered through and the last 4 days were actually the best ones of the month. Totally clear-headed with moderate amounts of energy; a definitely workable situation.

All in all, I fasted 26 days out of 30. That’s 87%, and at UBC, that’s an A. Pretty darn good for a first (and I hope last) attempt!

Meanwhile, I’m so excited to be back on my regular schedule. I went to bed at 11:30 and got up before 7; had my coffee and breakfast. It’s now 9am and I just finished making Pisto (Spanish ratatouille, which I can eat whenever I damn well please! Ha!).. funny what not waking up at 3am will do for a girl! Go figure 🙂

And here, I’ll leave you with a few more sunsets (and one shot of some boring clouds… you can’t win them all).

Oh, also: I’m going to Spain this weekend, so maybe I might even have some more pictures to post next week! Maybe even one of my face.

Stay tuned.

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