Accessing accounts: LinkedIn vs. Outlook

Recently, I was locked out completely from my Outlook email address. After several unsuccessful attempts with the automated system, I was deemed an unsuitable individual to be accessing the account, and it was closed for good. Following this, I appealed to the “contact us” gods, and was returned again and again to the same old (clearly flawed) automated system, and as a result, abandonded Hotmail/Outlook, and switched to Gmail.

Then the other day, I tried logging into my LinkedIn account, and needed to confirm my identity again, using the old email. I was nervous at first, expecting another fiasco where I’d have to start from scratch, but was so pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to confirm myself. After a couple of emails from my new address, they sent me a link to a third-party verification process, which simply got me to upload a photo of some ID (using my phone, I might add), and within a day, I was in!

Thank you LinkedIn, for your user-friendly system, and for solutions that actually work.

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