Back in Senegal: casamance region

Not too much to report here, other than the occasional clash with the French language. C’est la vie!

Yet another sweet ride to cross the border!

After being on-the-go for the last month, I decided that I’ve bought myself enough time, and that now I can afford to take it easy for a few days and rest at the beach at Cap Skirring. I stopped for one night in ziguinchor, but had a couple nasty encounters with locals and decided to move on. Very pretty town though!


Am I the only one who sees incredible beauty in stuff like this?


Peanuts for DAYS at the peanut oil factory?! Thanks, WHO.

Gorgeous view from the bridge crossing the river casamance

Hi guys!

Cool landscape at the river’s edge!


Now, Cap Skirring, being a prime location for rich tourists, is essentially the definition of exactly the kind of place I should hate. But, I’ve decided to let that go for now – the place I’m staying is super quiet, pretty much just me and the guys that work here, and because of that, I don’t have to go into town whatsoever. The only time I encounter other tourists is on the beach itself. And that I can handle.

Good morning, Cap!

I made a friend 🙂

More friends! (Aka wtf, why are there cows on the beach?)

In reality, yoga on the sand is tricky. I quickly moved into the little hut behind me for a more stable surface! But you can’t beat the view.

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