In the loo: the art of squat toilets

This is not a how-to, rather a self-congratulatory pat on the back. Any good yogi will tell you that all bodies are different, so there’s no way I can offer guidance on the personal acrobatics that sometimes must be performed for this feat. But I do feel like I’ve finally graduated into the pro realm.

There’s something extremely satisfying in manuevering myself into an impossibly tiny space, with no light to speak of, knowing only that there’s a hole down there somewhere. I’m wearing both leggings and a skirt, scarf around my neck, and a bag over my shoulder, and manage to find the perfect balance, all without touching the walls, or peeing on my feet.


Also, I don’t know what is with all the Western toilets without seats on them. It’s actually more difficult to hover over them!

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